The Association of young entrepreneurs and researchers – ZMAI and the team conducted a training session for entrepreneurship teachers in Pelagonia region, as part of the BeCircular – IPA CBC project. The training’s online introduction day was the 19th of December of 2022, while physical trainings took place on 21st and 22nd December at Prilep (Faculty of Economics). Furthermore, the online trainings for the platform and the teaching plans for the second semester of the school year were conducted on the 26th and 27th January.

The training was held in order to help the participants understand the fields of entrepreneurship and apprehend a start-up methodology. The presentation started with a new innovative way of how the expertise of entrepreneurship can be taught in schools. The main goal was to introduce a more practical and educational approach in which the students will pry the process of making their own start-up and understand the know-how while learning.

14 teachers from almost all schools in Pelagonia region participated in the training, including the cities of Bitola, Prilep, Resen, and Demir Hisar.
All the participants went through a practice business model scheme with a well skilled trainer and have been trained on how to interview clients and seek potential business ideas.


The training took place in the Faculty of Economics, the location where a new entrepreneurship and creative center will be established as part of this project. It worths mentioning that after the in-person trainings in Prilep, online trainings were held for the teachers to get to know the new e-learning platform, start-app.mk, which they can use during their classes. The platform consists of presentations, videos, a digital business canvas and short quizzes. At the last part of the training, the teachers were asked to engrave their teaching plans and encourage their students to join the platform and create groups for e-learning. Αt the completion of the physical training all the participants had to integrate the knowledge into their regular curriculum.

The BeCircular project seeks to develop the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit among young people, helping them create new job opportunities and decrease unemployment. The strategic location between Greece and EU cooperatively with the BeCircular project can give a further development and progress to the region and can be a good starting point for a better and a greener future.


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