The new e-learning platform, Startapp.mk is now active. As part of the BeCircular project, a new e-learning platform, adapted to the needs of high school students in Pelagonia, was created. The platform provides a digital approach to educational material, Business Canvas and Lean Methodology, offering interactive content such as: training videos, practical assignments, digital business model canvas, teamwork opportunities, quizzes and presentations. In addition, the platform has a forum aimed at sharing knowledge and ideas between students and teachers.

The content of the platform is designed to help teachers prepare interactive courses for businesses so that they get to know innovation techniques while using this digital tool. Startapp.mk is a great learning tool for anyone interested in starting their own business, helping users to start their entrepreneurial journey with innovative approaches and develop their business model.

It is worth noting that the online platform is part of the BeCircular project’s efforts to support citizens living in the cross-border region, especially young people, by teaching them the basics of business development. The aim is to create better working conditions for young people and boost employment, with particular emphasis on innovative business models in the field of the Green Economy. The project including the e-learning platform is supported by the EU funds of Interreg – IPA CBC as part of the project BeCircular – Boosting Employment through Entrepreneurship in Circular Economy.

In conclusion, the project primarily focuses on creating employment opportunities for graduates by exploiting the comparative advantages of the cross-border connection between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia.

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