DIADYMA, as the official body for waste management in Western Macedonia (WM) Region, manages the Integrated System of Waste Management being active in environment protection and waste restriction via recycling & reuse, thus promoting circular economy. DIADYMA is the Lead Beneficiary (LB), considering its long-term experience in materials recycling, flexibility in administrative & financial procedures, organizational experience in partners coordination, participation in international projects, capacity in liaisons with ministries and business actors on waste.

Lead Beneficiary:
Waste Management of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA S.A.)

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Budget: 246,617.21

CluBE has gained significant experience in the development of R&D and business activities in bioeconomy & environment, improving the management of natural resources and by-products through their conversion into value-added products, allowing access to new & diversified markets, creating employment in rural and isolated areas, thus, enhancing economic growth. Key members of CluBE include the Regional Union of Municipalities of WM, the Regional Authority of WM and the Regional Development Fund of WM, therefore CluBE can indirectly influence the Regional policy of WM region. Also, through its participation in national networks like Hellabiom and Greek Bioeconomy Forum, it can indirectly influence the related national policies. CluBE is leading the Work Packages related to the Communication and Dissemination of the project as well as the community engagement.

Project Beneficiary (2):
Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE)

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Budget: 112,210.17

GAUSS Institute is a Foundation for New Technologies, Innovations & Knowledge Transfer registered in 2006 in Bitola. Being a strong national & international player in business support & employment, GAUSS is mentoring approximately 80 companies from Pelagonia & South West Regions established from the Republic of North Macedonia Government program and UNDP for stimulating job creation. GAUSS Institute is key subcontractor for SYMBIOSIS project developing 6 key studies for the Republic of North Macedonia and monitoring operation of pilot reuse. During its 14 years existence it implemented over 50 projects funded by EU, NATO, US Department of State, UNDP, State Budget of Republic of North Macedonia, private funds & companies.

Project Beneficiary (3):
Gauss institute – foundation for new technologies, innovations and knowledge transfer

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Budget: 100,031.00

ZMAI’s team has conducted more than 20 research projects on macroeconomic issues since 2014, promoting the power of great mentorship, sharing knowledge and experience, enhancing entrepreneurial initiatives and creating new job opportunities through training of individuals/companies. Moreover, it has implemented several successful entrepreneurship programs supporting the development of start-up companies in Republic of North Macedonia. ZMAI has mentored and coached more than 150 young entrepreneurs in several with more than 25 successful businesses creation with over €250k raised in seed funding.

Project Beneficiary (4):
Association for Research and Analysis ZMAI

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Budget: 122,410.40