Opening of the New Center for Entrepreneurship and Creativity located at the Faculty of Economics in Prilep


The Center was established within the framework of the BeCircular project (Boosting Employment through Entrepreneurship in Circular Economy), which is funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation (IPA CBC) program of the European Union. Organizations from the Republic of North Macedonia and Greece participate in the project. The E&C Center was created by the Research and Analysis Association – ZMAI, as part of the project activities.

The inauguration of the Center took place on March 23, 2023 and it is now open to the public and to those who are interested in visiting, getting to know and using its new facilities.

“Υoung people from both countries can now work together, exchanging ideas and knowledge thus promoting the concepts of Entrepreneurship of the creative industries, the Circular Economy and the Bioeconomy. These sectors offer new opportunities for the development of “green” business models. They could mean the opening of new jobs for the local population, as well as the creation of new businesses that can provide additional economic activities to the local economy” said Viktor Mitevski, President of the Association for Research and Analysis ZMAI.

The Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Igor Nedelkovski, emphasized the importance of such projects for students. According to him, investments in Entrepreneurship and Circular Economy always have a positive impact on communities. This concerns both the economic and financial side, as well as the ecological and green entrepreneurship side. The Rector added that students and young entrepreneurs will use the new center to develop advanced ideas. According to him, it is very likely that the next big startup in Pelagonia will come from these areas.

Ιt is worth noting that at the opening of the new center, co-financed by the Ministry of Local Self-Government, the Minister, Risto Penov, gave a speech.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Prilep, Prof. Dr. Dragica Odzaklieska, also gave a speech at the event and emphasized that the school is proud to have such a center on its premises.

She continued by adding “The center is fully aligned with the iconic building of the School of Economics. The areas of entrepreneurship and innovation will have the opportunity to grow and give space to students and professors to develop new ideas and expand their knowledge. As an educational and scientific institution, the School of Economics in Prilep will be able to offer a space to all current and future entrepreneurs. The development of concepts related to Circular Economy and Bioeconomy is the future of the entire Economy and we are proud to be part of the initiative”.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Creativity should become a place where students and young entrepreneurs from Pelagonia region in the Republic of North Macedonia will develop their ideas and create conditions for the development of the local economy. Young entrepreneurs will finally have their own space in Prilep where they can create, socialize, and innovate together.

You can see photos from the opening below:


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