On May 10th at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Creativity in Prilep, a competition will be held where Pelagonia High School students will participate, with the aim of highlighting the best business model. The jury together with the audience will conclude the result.
More detailed information can be found as follows:

Jury members:
• Representative from ZMAI
• Representative from GAUSS
• Representative from Networker entity working with start-ups.
• Representative form the Faculty of Economics – Prilep

Contest concept:
Step 1: The schools that will participate should inform ZMAI by the end of April 2023. All schools are invited to apply with one team of students.
Step 2: Starting from that moment until May 10th, the students and their teachers will work together to develop the best Business Canvas Models using the startapp.mk platform.
Step 3: They can improve and test their ideas using the learning materials published on the platform.
Step 4: The teams from each school should make 1minute long video presenting their idea.
Step 5: A training by professional trainers working with start-up companies will be made for the teams. They will be thought pitching techniques that can be used in-front of potential investors.
Step 6: Pitching of the Business Models.

Rules of the contest:
• All teams will present their ideas in front of the audience.
• All members of the jury will have the right to ask one question that will help them form the final score.
• The jury and the audience will vote for the winner and their voices will participate 50-50 ratio in the final decision.
• The participants won’t be allowed to vote for their team.
• The jury should vote the way a potential investor would. And they explain their decision for the choice.
• Three representatives from the audience will be asked to explain their votes.
• The rules are made in such a way that the expertise of the jury can be taken into consideration, but we also aim to hear the opinions of the wider audience.

The teams of ZMAI and GAUSS as well as the members of the jury will work with the winning team to help them and mentor them in realizing their Business Models and or help them use their creativity to find jobs in the region and move forward after finishing their high-school education. This competition is financed through the project BeCircular with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of the material provided are the sole responsibility of BeCircular partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union, the participating countries, and the Managing Authority.

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